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Free Download | History of Technology Volume 29: Technology in China

Written By share_e on Friday, May 27, 2011 | Friday, May 27, 2011

This volume consists of two special issues. The first considers Imperial China, the second the Mindful Hand. Contents Editorial The Contributors Notes for Contributors Special Issue: Chinese Technological History: The Great Divergence Introduction The Needham Question Updated: A Historiographical Survey and Elaboration Cultural Logics for the Regime of Useful Knowledge during the Ming and Early-Qing China c. 1400–1700 Movers and Shakers of Knowledge in China during the Ming–Qing Period China and Science on the Eve of the 'Great Divergence' 1600–1800: A Review of Recent Revisionist Scholarship in Western Languages Special Issue: The Mindful Hand Introduction: Transcending Boundaries: Mindful Hands in the History of Technology Into the Light: Crystals and the Recreation of Nature in Seventeenth-Century Garden Caves and Cabinets The Mindful Hands of Peasants: Construction of an Eight-Lock Staircase at Fonseranes, 1678–79 Enlightenment in Russian Hands: The Inventions and Identity of Ivan Petrovich Kulibin in Eighteenth-Century St Petersburg The Mindful Hand Goes to Japan: Dutch–Japanese Trade in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century The West Had Science and the Rest Had Not? The Queries of the Mindful Hand