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Free Download | Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

Written By share_e on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook handbook is really a mixed bag, and how useful it turns out to be is really a matter of what kind of information you are looking for. I've always felt that this is the definitive book if you want raw facts and numbers. The entire volume is crammed with technical data that, for some, can't be found elsewhere. All the groundwork is covered; conversion factors, symbols, kinetics, interdisciplinary studies (several), thermodynamics, and just about anything else that coincides with the field of engineering. On a personal level, I've used it on several occasions when collecting field data, but its uses go well beyond that. For the sheer amount of information covered, the volume remains fairly well organized, and never veers too far from what you are researching.

The downside is that it can often seem overwhelming to students or those with passing involvement or interest. Despite the dependable presentation, it can be difficult to understand for people who haven't been brought up to speed on the variation of the topic they wish to examine. Even though the all the data is present, understanding it won't be easy until you've familiarized yourself and comprehend the tables and usage. Some claim that the book was written primarily for academics, though I don't see that as true. Anyone can use the book effectively once they get the hang of it.