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Written By share_e on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This major survey of structural design is a useful guide to the fundamentals of establishing the structural concept for a building and dealing with structural issues. Using diagrams, models, computer simulations, case studies, and exercises, Architectural Structures provides a comprehensive narrative that makes selecting and giving shape to structures and structural elements understandable. In addition to developing the necessary vocabulary to effectively work with structural engineers, it helps readers gain a common-sense understanding of principles and issues, the complexities of the design process, and useful analytic methods. This exceptional volume also features: Diagrams, drawings, and photographs supporting complex concepts Helpful case studies illustrating structural behavior and the design of structural systems Information on cost estimation and other practical issues Real-world problems and solutions based on actual building structures perimeter girder, flange width, surface roughness, normal weight concrete, safe superimposed service load, agonal member, unsuitable for the next step, shallowest joist, daylighting wall, shifting live loads, downward force arrow, allowed live load, factored total load, right support location, unknown vertical forces, standard steel trusses, unknown horizontal forces, two unknown vertical, force component exerted, igital model, left exerted, bow trusses, effective structural depth, sling trusses, equivalent downward force.