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Download : Basic Engineering Mathematics, Fifth Edition

Written By share_e on Saturday, March 24, 2012 | Saturday, March 24, 2012

Basic Engineering Mathematics
Unlike most engineering maths texts, this book does not assume a firm grasp of GCSE maths, and unlike low-level general maths texts, the content is tailored specifically to the needs of engineers. The result is a unique book written for engineering students that takes a starting point below GCSE level. Basic Engineering Mathematics is therefore ideal for students of a wide range of abilities, especially for those who find the theoretical side of mathematics difficult.

Now in its fifth edition, Basic Engineering Mathematics is an established textbook, with the previous edition selling nearly 7500 copies. All students that require a fundamental knowledge of mathematics for engineering will find this book essential reading. The content has been designed primarily to meet the needs of students studying Level 2 courses, including GCSE Engineering, the Diploma, and the BTEC First specifications. Level 3 students will also find this text to be a useful resource for getting to grips with essential mathematics concepts, because the compulsory topics in BTEC National and A Level Engineering courses are also addressed.
Numerous worked examples supported by 600 worked problems and 1050 further problems within exercises included throughout the text. Additionally, there are 15 assignments included at regular intervals.

Free instructor's manual available for download, which includes solutions to assignments.

Basic Engineering Mathematics is an excellent book for review or for those looking for a very well organized and step by step instruction in engineering math. The book is very easy to read through and can definitely be used as a supplement resource too. With that said, there is one flaw; The answer key possesses several incorrect answers here and there. I have broken down each problem as far as it could go to verify and I have had several engineers do the incorrect problems only to reach the same answer I reached. While unseemly, it does force you to look closely at every problem to make sure it is solved correctly.

Download : Basic Engineering Mathematics, Fifth Edition