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Download : MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications

Written By share_e on Sunday, March 11, 2012 | Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Designed for the newest version of the popular MATLAB software program, MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 3/e requires no previous knowledge of computer programming. The first chapter describes basic features of the program and shows how to use it in simple arithmetic operations with scalars. The next two chapters focus on the topic of arrays (the basis of MATLAB), while the remaining text covers a wide range of other applications. Computer screens, tutorials, samples, and homework questions in math, science, and engineering, provide the student with the practical hands-on experience needed for total proficiency. 

 I am a robotics engineering masters student who is REALLY behind on his Matlab knowledge based on the fact that i have a background in biology. (Long story). I just completed my first semester and bought this book in May to learn matlab more thoroughly over the summer. This book is just FANTASTIC. I couldn't ask for more. It is structured logically, the examples are CLEAR and it just makes total sense. I never realized that it would be this readable and excellent. If you are a beginner it can truly be read cover to cover. 

The problems are interesting and the step by step guides are just what i needed. I initially thought twice about spending the $80 when there were cheaper texts available, but let me tell you from experience, don't bother. I have read some other Matlab texts and they pale in comparison to this one. It is worth every penny. If you have a limited knowledge or are without any knowledge of Matlab GET THIS BOOK. It is great and worth the extra money.